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Madagascar living cost

Madagascar living cost

Madagascar living cost
Madagascar living cost

Cost of living in Madagascar

Cost of living in Madagascar


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Currency and changes

The monetary unit is the ariary (mga).

At March 1st, 2014, one euro amounts 3050 (mga)

The Ariary is convertible in foreign currencies only in Madagascar.

Bank transactions

Three French banks are present inMadagascar: BNP-Paribas, Crédit Lyonnais, General society. It is possible to carry out cash withdrawals with an international bank card (except for MASTERCARD card which is not accepted in the country). The vending machines, rare, are available only in the principal urban areas. If we find one or more banks in all the towns of importance of the country, it is essential to have liquidities in the remote areas.

An exchange control is exerted for the transfers of funds to the abroad.

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The candidate to the expatriation will have to take care not to seek to appreciate his situation by converting all the figures into euros, or trying to determine the purchasing power in France of the amount obtained. This appreciation must be done above all on the amount of the expenditure in the country of expatriation, whether they are expressed in local currency or euros.

Rounding errors can occur.

Estimate of the monthly average budget necessary to an expatriate to cover the integrality of its expenditure:

According to the place of residence and the lifestyle, the budget can know important variations.

The following budgets are monthly average evaluations:


– For a single person: approximately 2000€
– For a couple: from 2500 to 3500€
– For a couple with 2 children: 3500€

Diego Suarez

– For a single person: 1400€
– For a couple: 2000€
– For a couple with 2 children: 3200€


– For a single person: 1400€ (rent included)
– For a couple: 2000 € (rent included)
– For a couple with 2 children: 1500€ (except schooling and rent)

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